Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have not been in the blogging world for such a long time but I had to record how I feel about our family's newest baby boy, JACE BLAIR JOHNSTON. He is all boy and is so unique in his family...the only boy, the only blond and blue eyes all the way. He loves to be cuddled and swaddled and warm. He buries himself into whoever is holding him and there he stays all cozy and comfy until you try to put him down. He is then instantly awake! We love him so much ...his birth was memorable and very exciting. I miss him if I don't see him for a while.
My mother said new babies always need to be dressed in pastels so she would have thought that this shirt was too dark, but it sure matches his eyes!

We are so blessed to have two beautiful new babies. They bring so much fun and tenderness into our lives.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I raced from my meeting in Farmington and arrived minutes after Liv Johnston was born. I was so excited and happy that it was hard to leave, so we kept coming back!
Holly looked beautiful after a good night's rest and just a few minutes of pushing!!! She told Ty, "I was made to have babies."
Ty was with her every step of the way. I was so proud of how calm he was.

Well, someone had to show them how! Really, they already knew the key to swaddling and that socks are a must!

Liv is beautiful, sweet, precious, and such a good baby. We love her so much and miss her whenever we don't see her or hold her for a few days. She is already a very tender and loved addition to our family.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Cuddly Couples

Dancing girls!!

Easton and Miles getting into the act!

Tomato Aspic salad...

only enjoyed by a few discriminating adults...a Christmas tradition.

Creating our own nativity set with Sculpey!

Young and old loved doing this...

Voila!!! Something very good to be treasured.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year with Shirley Temples!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I love the message on my front door this year!I keep this picture up all year so that I have the spirit of this beautiful time.
Nutcracker Tradition alive and well!

I love my trees, all three of them, but pictures don't do them justice.

Love to you all!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I am thankful to my sister, Shelly, for inviting Michael and I to her beautiful home for Thanksgiving Dinner. This was the year that all our children went to the "other" parents for dinner. Tyra, Bob and Alisa came along with Jeff's mother, sister, brother and their families. The food was delicious and her table was so classic. It was strange not to have the noise and chaos of little kids running and playing everywhere, but the neat thing was that there was stimulating adult conversation and spiritual reminiscing.
Micah made a float and helped with the Kaysville Light Parade on Saturday. It was really fun, the weather was mild, and Lisa, Brea, Halle, and Presley Beth were in it! Carly jumped out of the tub, grabbed Oliver and joined us.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We have already had our first Thanksgiving Feast. Last week we went to Halle and Presley Beth's Thanksgiving Feast at their pre school at Northridge High. Lisa is over the day care center there and it was fun and delicious. Presley loved making and eating her "apple Turkey"

Micah and Lisa were also there of course!

Later, I met Maeve and Miles and we did a little shopping at a fun new toy store called, Three Little Monkeys.

Monday, October 27, 2008


The family favorite---Purple Beans! My children loved these growing up and even today they love coming to our house for tacos. I forget how weird they must be to others. This is a JOHNSTON tradition....kidney beans from the can (sometimes we throw in a can of black beans, partially blended, with lots of medium or sharp cheddar cheese added, heat or bake and serve with tacos. I do not know who originated this but we have had these for many many years.

Mia came to town for a brief visit and we got everyone together for tacos and purple beans! Friday morning was Red Ribbon Day at East Layton and we had a great magician come....Mike Hamilton. Mia, Easton, Brighton and Brooklyn came to our assembly. Easton loves doing magic tricks so I knew he would love watching this truly fun magic show. After the show, Easton, Brighton and Brooklyn all got to hold his magic dove, CD, "Compact Dove" because he could fold up in the magician's pocket. Mike Hamilton made a table float, had a really amazing magic hat, and also made Chief appear, mascot of the Blaze Football Team!
We had ONE super-packed fun day with the Bischoffs!